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About Us 


SMP Master arises after years of experience in hair micro pigmentation.

We are proud to offer the positive experience of hundreds of customers who are happy with their new look today, since we focus on the needs and requirements of each one, putting all our commitment and quality to meet the expectations of each of our customers.  

Mission: Change people's lives through hair micro pigmentation, attending to the client's particular needs in a responsible manner.

Vision: To be the number one option for people who decide to make a change in their appearance, offering experience and professionalism.


Frequent Questions & Answers 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?  

It is a procedure with which pigment is deposited under the skin, achieving the appearance of a head with recently shaved hair, since the shape of the follicles in the scalp is imitated.


How long does the treatment last?  

Between three and three and a half years.  


What are the risks to SMP?  

SMP is a minimally invasive procedure, which means that the risks are minimal. We only recommend that you follow the care list after the procedure.  


What is aftercare look like after SMP?  

The 4 days following each session it will be important not to drop water, soap, or shampoo, avoid excessive sweating as much as possible and if you feel a bit itchy, do not scratch and especially do not touch with dirty hands.  


What can make me a candidate for the SMP procedure?  

Any man or woman who, due to a decrease or absence of hair growth, wishes to make an image change, in the case of people with scars, the area to be worked on should be assessed. For people who have undergone a hair transplant, they must wait 6 months to be able to perform the SMP procedure.  


How long does it take to see results?  

The change will be seen from the first session, but it must be considered that the final result will be the set of all sessions.  


How is the front-line design done?  

To find the perfect design for each of our clients, we make a proposal for the front line taking into account the anatomy of each person,  and from there we make the changes and modifications that each client wishes until they are happy with the design, we begin the work.   


Is capillary micro pigmentation the same as a tattoo?  

No. Scalp micro pigmentation is done with a special pigment whose properties, together with the application of the appropriate technique, allow us to carry out this work without the risk of "staining" or "saturating" the skin with ink.  

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